A Little Backstory

That is not me in the photo to the left – but I do have auburn hair, a lot of tattoos & love being surrounded by nature. I am one year away from thirty. I am sometimes another housewife cliche. You can call me Em.

I am also an artist – though I feel imposter syndrome when I say that. I’m a writer with, at last count, a 65k word manuscript in progress. I am afraid that, on the off chance it did ever end up getting published, I would be a character people would hate. I am learning to dance.

I live with my husband, our four dogs, a calico cat & a Russian tortoise. We live in a 105 year old house that I am fairly sure isn’t haunted. I like to be home – being out in the world scares me. I am trying to learn how to be alone but not lonely – something I used to be really terrible at but have been making progress on.

I want to try to use this space to write in ways that really get to the heart of the matter, the root of things. I want to force myself to be honest with myself here.

I am not these things but I live with them:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder / Panic Disorder with Occasional Agoraphobia / Bipolar Disorder Type II / Borderline Personality Disorder / Type 1 Diabetes / Hashimoto’s Disease